Price & Servings Guide

Here is some great info to assist when planing your custom order. 

Quotes will vary depending on design.  I always base my serving size on the Dessert 1 portion. There are other options as you will know your guests better and you may want larger serving sizes.  A cutting guide is supplied with your cake and note the estimated height of a standard cake is approx 4" 

NOTE: There are pre-designed cakes in the online ordering shop if you are stuck for ideas. 

CUSTOM CAKES - Examples of a standard custom cake. Chocolate, filled and finished with a ganache or buttercream finish with some simple decorations.

6"  - From $140+   

8"  - From $180+  

9"  - From $210+  

10" - From $230+

2 Tiers start from $ 280+


Card stock toppers start from $10

3D Toppers start from $30 for a small simple design

CUPCAKES (Min order apply)

- Plain Frosted, from $3.50 ech

- Small fondant toppers, from $3.75 ech

- Larger fondant toppers,  from $4.00 ech

- Disc toppers / Full Fondant, from $5.00+

Cookies  (Min orders apply)

- Start from $3.50 each

- 40c extra per cookie for individual sealed bags

Edible Images 

- Start from $15 per sheet