How The Cake Duet got its name

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The Cake Duet is a home based custom cake, cupcake and cookie decorating business located in Mawson Lakes, South Australia.


It is fully registered and insured and I am a member of The Australian Cake Decorating Network as well as The Cake Decorators Association South Australia

I often get asked, why are custom cakes so special? 
There are so many wonderful reason as to why. Can you remember a cake you had for a b'day when you were growing up?

(I must admit a lot of mine were from that famous women weekly book but I know my mum spent so long making them to make my b'days special), and smiles appear as memories flood back.  I don't get the same memories or emotion of presents I received.  So much love & time goes into creating custom cakes.

It was my daughter Hayley who sparked up my passion for the art of cake decorating as she also has an amazing talent and was the first to undertake decorating classes. 


Both Hayley and I have spent many hours together in the kitchen, listening to music, singing away as we tried out new recipes, techniques and design ideas.  After a few years of learning, classes & one on ones with a number of amazing cake decorators, and with the encouragement from family & friends to take my passion further The Cake Duet was born, Even though it was just me, this would not have been possible without her passion first.


Hayley is now a teenager (its socialising time). We will often still do a cake for a friend and I often find her making a batch of her famous brownies. 

I ❤️ that I have a skill to share, that brings happiness and amazing memories for years to come.



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